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Our Initial consultation is free and provides us the opportunity to get to know you and your vision and goals, then put an action plan in place to put you on the path to financial success.


After your initial consult we will give you a detailed agenda and recommend the areas you need to improve on. You can can choose from a variety of packages ranging from a monthly zoom call, to a specific amount of areas you need to work on.  We can come to you or you can schedule a call for us to go over your areas needing improvement.  

Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation is free and gives us a great opportunity to get to know what your vision and goals are.  Whether you are a new business, or established we will get to know what ares you need advice and guidance in, and create a detailed operational plan for success. 

Monthly Zoom Call

Schedule a monthly Zoom call with our experts to make sure your business is staying on track. Together we will drill down into the different segments and select the areas of improvement you need help with. Creating action items and a timeline twill be essential in seeing your desired results. 

Operations & Logistics*

After your free initial consultation, our operations consulting will provide each customer a unique journey into growing their business. Together we will take a deep dive into your short- & long-term goals, create an operational strategy, teach you all the tricks and secrets of our industry, and provide you a detailed plan for success. 

Operations management, purchasing, logistics, and creating standard operating procedures are only a few of the skills you will learn.

Sales & Marketing*

After your free initial consultation, our sales & marketing plan will provide you with a detailed road map for success.  

Our team brings decades of sales & marketing experience and will coach you on a customized market plan to ensure an optimal kick start to your business. Knowing who, where and how to target your customers is paramount to your business’s survival.

Monthly Zoom Call

Need financial help, in over your head, need a complete business overhaul, or looking for a partner?   Give us a call! We can help alleviate growing pains and scale your business the way you always dreamed of. What do you have to lose, the call is free!


VA Services

Don’t miss another booking
Our Virtual Assistants will answer your customers in a timely manner and even enter orders into your booking software and upsell your sales

Free up your time so so you’re not so overwhelmed
Focus on growing your business while our awesome Virtual Assistants focus on closing sales and keeping your customers happy. You don’t have to juggle everything on your own!

Our amazing team makes it easy, painless, and affordable to work with us
You’ll feel instantly relieved once you get on the phone with us and realize how much we already know about your party rental business and how easy we make it to regain your sanity.

Our VAs know the party rental industry and are trained on the latest sales techniques and will help you build a great reputation for having top notch service and being more responsive than most others in your area.
Don’t be surprised when your Google reviews mention your VA by name.

Timely responses so your customers feel that they’re working with a highly reputable company

Answer your customer’s questions so they trust your business

Provide quotes so your
customers know exactly what they’ll pay and how long they keep the rental

Enter orders into your booking software so no money is left on the table


Let us help you take your business to new heights (stress free)!


* Available with an onsite consultation option

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